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ATPI Analysis  
These are a few of the images I have entered into ATPI. I entered one portfolio and several images. I think my best photos were the photos from my portfolio. I think they went together very well and i'm actually kind of proud. When it came to making the banana photo i'm not artistic or creative at all so I had to see it through someone else's eyes. This contest really yanks on your nerves especially when its getting closer & closer to the due date. Overall I think I did pretty well and better than last year. OPEN : I think this photo is really different and stands out.
Open: You would never know that this is only the top half of a pineapple. The changing the clarity really helped it not look so bland.
Portfolio : I think this portfolio is really strong and adorable. Babies and dogs go well together. I was really hard getting them to focus on the same thing but I made it happen.
Portfolio: I think the dog stands out the most in this picture. She's the…
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5 Best Images From Downtown Field Trip 18'

Downtown Best Five 

These are the best five photos that I took downtown. I am actually very proud of these pictures. I had to take them at very different angles to get the pictures. When it came to editing I wanted to keep the pictures simple and at their normal state with just a little more and thats what I did. On the flower photo I just brought down the exposure. Both of the Pearl photos received  a Topaz edit & the last photo also got a Topaz edit .

Farewell Photography 1 !

Photography is coming to an end and it's a really creative class. You learn to come out of your comfort zone and try things that you thought wouldn't work because it's not what your used to.  You see lots of things that you've never seen before and you just snap so many pictures of it because it's so mesmerizing.  While in photography I learned lots of things from learning how to work with Photoshop , Lightroom , and how to work a bigger and better camera.  I captured a lot of things with the camera and some of them are pictures I thought wouldn't even come out right. I had to learn to be creative and try new things , snap pictures at weird angles , and most of all have an eye for certain things . From the beginning of the year to now my work has changed tremendously ! I used to just take pictures of basic things at basic angles and use basic edits , but now I try to go above and beyond and try things that I haven't tried . I learned how to use ISO , Shutte…

Asya's Face Art

This project was really fun. It was exciting to go through all the different photoshop filter's and also the Topaz effects. I applied the pink dots because pink is my favorite color and then I applied white one's to make it a lighter pink and keep it simple. Overall I really like this.

Puppy Painting!

I felt that this project was really simple. What took most of my time was painting the dog and dragging some color from the dog into the background. I had to find some pretty colors that could blend with brown very well and still look good. Overall I think it came out nice.

Topaz Editing

This is my first photo edited in Topaz. I used the winter edit I think it compliments the photo really well. I think snapping the photo at the right moment was the hardest.        
This is my second photo and I think the solarized II was a really good choice for this photo. I think the solarized choice in Topaz was really cool. I love the vibrant pink / purple color.

Asya's Double Exposure Project

I took this picture here  at Cole Highschool. I really like how it turned out. This project was simple.
 I took this picture on a field trip. I thought it would be nice to add a different picture but with the same flowers for a background to make it look kind on camouflage.
I also took this picture on a field trip . I really like the pink / violet color flowers. They really pop out to me,