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ATPI Analysis  

These are a few of the images I have entered into ATPI. I entered one portfolio and several images. I think my best photos were the photos from my portfolio. I think they went together very well and i'm actually kind of proud. When it came to making the banana photo i'm not artistic or creative at all so I had to see it through someone else's eyes. This contest really yanks on your nerves especially when its getting closer & closer to the due date. Overall I think I did pretty well and better than last year.
OPEN : I think this photo is really different and stands out.
Open: You would never know that this is only the top half of a pineapple. The changing the clarity really helped it not look so bland.
Portfolio : I think this portfolio is really strong and adorable. Babies and dogs go well together. I was really hard getting them to focus on the same thing but I made it happen.
Portfolio: I think the dog stands out the most in this picture. She's the center of the photo.
Portfolio: This photo is so cute to me. The little smirk and cropping the picture tighter made her the center of attention.
Portfolio: It was really hard getting the attention in this photo also but it worked. I think its really nice as if she's gazing off.
Portfolio: This photo has the right amount of light and dark which makes her standout strongly. 
Nature: I had to crop this really tight but the flowers really make the photo. I think bringing down the exposure some really did this picture some justice.


  1. Amazing photos, Great Focus and Lighting. Wouldn't change a thing. I love the concept of your portfolio.

  2. I adore your portfolio. The focus on the little one and the dog was executed really well and it's it's such a unique idea. Some of the photos were sort of in the same location, so I suppose I might experiment a bit and move the subject's elsewhere, but still keep the vibe you were going for.


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